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Dodge Sprinter is Big Van for this Big Family in Shreveport

For many children, summer means one thing: family vacation. As adults we look back on these long road trips fondly, the defining memories of our youth that drive us forward into the adults we have become. This was certainly true for Jack C. of Shreveport. Every year, his family would climb into the wood paneled station wagon and see the country first hand. It never occurred to Jack how hard it must have been for his parents to cart him and his three siblings across the country in a medium sized station wagon. All Jack ever thought about was the road that lied out behind them and the next stop on their trip.

Many years passed as Jack found himself with a family of his own. As his children grew older, Jack and his wife, Donna, knew that they wanted to give their kids that same summer vacation experience, but they wondered how they could do it. With five young children, two adults, and more luggage than they could possibly fit in their old sedan, it seemed as though their vacation plans would come at the cost of their sanity. Not ready to give up, Jack did some research on the Internet and decided to check out the Dodge Sprinter.

The Dodge Sprinter van was the perfect fit for this growing family. Jack knew right away that the Sprinter van would make their vacation plans a snap and make an economical choice for everyday driving. The van offered plenty of space, giving each child a bit of room while still leaving plenty of cargo space for their luggage and supplies. The smooth ride and able performance meant that driving wouldn’t be a problem on long stretches of highway or on errands around town.

The deal was sealed when Jack learned about the fuel efficient design of the Dodge Sprinter van. The exterior frame, far sleeker than Jack expected to see in a big van, combined with the powerful diesel engine meant more miles per gallon on the freeways than other comparable vans.

Jack and Donna love their Dodge Sprinter van for their vacations but also for their day to day trips. The Dodge Sprinter is surprisingly manageable on the smaller residential streets, giving just the right level of safety and stopping power no matter the weather conditions. The weekly fuel savings are nothing to laugh at either, with the family finding that they are consistently saving money over similar sized vans.

One worry Jack had when considering the Dodge Sprinter was that it could be too much space for their family in day to day to life, both parents have come to see the benefits of having a big van that grow with them. The quality Dodge design guarantees that their van will last.

Furthermore, they’ve both been surprised to see how much they use that extra space. Soccer games, trips to the home repair store, or just a big grocery shopping trip; the Dodge Sprinter van can help families no matter the situation.


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